Sunday, 2 March 2008

Catch up

Well, I'd love to be able to relay tales of excitement etc from the last few months.... but there aren't any!!!!

Stalker Cat is STILL here, although he's meant to be going back to his real mum next week. He has totally wheedled his way into my affections, although cleaning eye snot off the walls and picking white hairs off my clothes is not my idea of fun....

I've been trying to teach him that the tortoises are not toys, and although he still tries to cuff Lola, Reggie is never too far away to chase SC away (Yes, the Cat is scared of him) - very comical, as Reggie is only 3 inches long!

My boiler is currently being more temperamental than a woman with PMS, and it's pot luck if you're going to get a hot shower! I ended up going round my parent's yesterday for a hot bath, first one in 3 weeks!

Over the last few years, my mum has become obsessed with getting old and when she had a new bathroom suite fitted a few years ago, she got a "sit-up" bath, so that when she is in her 80's, she'll still be able to bath herself (she was in her 50's when she got this fitted, so god knows how long she thinks it's going to last). I don't really understand her logic though, as the bath side's are about 3ft high, so unless she thinking of becoming a geriatric high jump champion....

Shameful, nearly a 4 month break, and the only exciting thing I have to tell you about is taking a bath!!!!


Blimey, has it been this long??? Anyone would think I'd stuck myself in the fridge with the tortoises and hibernated!!!

Sunday, 11 November 2007


... Yay me! This weekend, I became a Foster Mum!

Yes, guess who's back.... Stalker Cat. Apparently things didn't turn out very well at his last foster home, so his mum has asked me to look after him until she's moved into her new flat.

The boy came back today, and you read about some of the abuse that goes on in these foster homes, but JEEZ.... looks like he was left to fend for himself!!!! So after we tried to clean him up a bit and groom him, he was REAL MAD at us, and stormed out of the house.... leaving us wondering if he'd run away, or was going to come back.

Well, he obviously wasn't that mad, because 30 mins later and he was back at the door begging to come in!

Ha, who's got the power now, eh, Stalker Cat?

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Sad news

It is with great regret, that I announce that Stalker Cat has been fostered out.

Never again will the fluffy-white flat-faced carpet-pooing mog manipulate me...

It's been a sombre weekend...

Sunday, 28 October 2007


I chose a beige/ caramel coloured carpet in the end, which is actually a really bad colour choice for someone as clumsy as myself!!! I'm a bit paranoid about it getting dirty too quickly, so am still at the "can you take your shoes off?" stage, or "can I get you some socks to put on your barefeet? No, I INSIST!".... And curry and red wine is officially banned from my house!!!

Stalker Cat has only got away with coming into the house because a) he's got white hair, and b) my dad let him in while it was being fitted anyway! Even the tortoises haven't been allowed to walk on it yet!

Think I also feel a bit sorry for SC , as he's been a bit poorly recently, and his eyes have been particularly gunky. On Friday, I was running a bit late for work, and I opened the front door, and he was sitting on my door mat, with his eyes so gunky and crusty, that he couldn't open them. I quickly bathed them, so he could see again, and tried to put him back outside, so he wasn't locked up for 12 hours! Well, the little sod dug his heels in like a sheep at the edge of a cliff!!! So, fearing I was going to miss my train, I left him inside and went to work.

I phoned my dad up, and asked him to pop over that morning, to let him out - there was a litter tray down, and food and water, so I thought he'd be okay for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately, my dad didn't get round there til late afternoon. By that time, SC had completely filled his litter tray with the squits, and also done 2 on my bedroom carpet!!!

You know you're going soft, when you feel so sorry for an animal that you can't even get angry about your soiled new carpet!

At last!

Well, I think my decorating project has finally come to an end... for now! I've still got R&L's bedroom to do, but this has been put on hold for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's getting too cold to keep the windows open (worried about the paint fumes), and secondly, the room is being used to store furniture for a friend who will be moving within the next few weeks..... So, that room is on hold until my little babies go into hibernation *shudder*

The sofas finally came yesterday - which was about time, as I was soooo shattered, I needed something comfortable to flop into. Ahhhh, reality tv heaven in a recliner! What more could you hope for?

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Busy bee

Don't worry - that's not a reference to a new house guest/ pet!

Where has the time gone since my last blogging entry?

I have had a rather busy week or so.... continuation of the decorating project (nearly completed). I've also been trying to play "catch-up" at work, following my lurvely holiday!

In addition, it would appear that I have inadvertantly taken up a new career as an Extra. I am reliably informed that I was recently featured on The Bill!

NB - When I say featured, I mean that I was seen walking past the camera!